Beyond the RainbowBeyond the Rainbow - London 2013 Meetings – LEGATO and GALA Choruses

The Riddle: new anti-homophobia message from UN human rights office



Beforehand: Delegates were asked to complete and online questionaire to gather thoughts and focus discussion prior to the meeting, the results were presented to the group and can be viewed here: Slides delivered at Beyond the Rainbow - Saturday session

Day 1: The group discussed 3 further areas:

What funding initiatives and resourcing programmes could we look at, and which ones should be a priority?       

What knowledge and information resources could we share, and how should be do this?

What paid support could we offer (secondments, coaching etc) and how should we do this?

Here are a round up of those thoughts and ideas: Slides delivered at Beyond the Rainbow - Sunday session


Beyond the rainbowBeyond the rainbowBeyond the rainbow

Day 2: We identified the following comments and observations in discussion

  1. We should progress with the translation of our resources as soon as possible – we have people who speak many languages within the organisation.
  2. If we develop a ‘diagnostic tool’ that helps people understand their current stage of development, then it can’t be too linear, because
  3. there isn’t a single progression or route, it needs to be more like a flowchart
  4. We can add a lot of value to developing choirs simply through the way that we listen and build relationships
  5. There are some natural stages that teams go through (c.f. Tuckman 1965) that we might signpost choirs and choruses to
  6. We need to ensure that we remember that we are peers and colleagues on a parallel journey, not that
  7. We are the experts and they need our help.
  8. We need to recognise and promote our differences and our diversity as well as similarities

People make it workBeyond the Rainbow meetings





The event was facilitated by Richard Watts - People make it work

Personal commitments and actions - if you want to help or get involved email or one of the delegate direct, we can each make a difference.

We identified the following practical opportunities that we could progress as a result of these discussions;

  1. Partnering in the use of social media to get messages out
  2. Introduce sister cities (and there are no limits to the number each city can have)
  3. Share LEGATO and GALA databases so that range of organisations is more visible to both and to the public
  4. Find new partners who can support some of the specific agendas that we want to promote
  5. Create a centralised place to share information on line
  6. Create some unified approaches (e.g.  enabling common enrolment across our different organisations)
  7. Increased links to international bodies
  8. Twin or pair various voices choirs who are not in LEGATO

We identified these individual actions that people plan to take as a result of the ‘Beyond the Rainbow’ meetings

  1. Talking together – it’s been great to be in the same room and getting connected – I intend to do more of that
  2. Reconvene at Various Voices to continue the conversation
  3. Suggest that 3 from each organisation to Google-chat 3 times before VV
  4. Meet again like this at Ottawa?
  5. Continue to seek and explore together – sometimes this is more powerful than creating specific projects
  6. Work together so that we can communicate and learn together in a way that isn’t precious
  7. Create a closed facebook group – where it’s therefore easy to stay connected
  8. Encourage more exchange of information on a regular basis on developments across the globe
  9. Open up Gala List serve so that others can access it
  10. Develop ‘open border’ mentality to make it easier for us to explore and collaborate
  11. Recognise other minority groups as partners who we could work with
  12. Optimize search engine results to make us easier to find on line
  13. Start pairing choruses today – Jane
  14. Share information and contact details for all the people who attended this meeting  – Martin
  15. Review this conversation in one year at Various Voices - Fruitvox
  16. Happy to offer a facilitation and connection service – putting people in touch with each other - Martin
  17. I will be an ambassador for the concepts we’ve discussed this weekend and invite others into this conversation

The Outcome slides can be viewed here: Outcomes from Sunday session of Beyond the Rainbow

Nelson Madella

During the event we showed a number of Video clips are thy are linked here:

UN Message - You make me proud - Born This way - One Fine Day - Beijing Chorus Workshop

Beyond the Rainbow was hosted by Fruitvox and supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, London Gay Men's Chorus , People Make it work and Brophies the caterer

Delegates were members of Legato Choirs and GALA Choruses